5 Best places to visit in BASTAR

#1 Chitrakote waterfalls


Chitrakote waterfalls, also called as the mini Niagara Fall of India, bear the proud distinction of being the broadest waterfall in India. The majestic beauty is located 38 km from Jagdalpur in Bastar on the river Indrāvati. The water of the river flows through the dense vegetation and cascades from a height of about 95 feet. A horse-shoe shaped waterfall, best seen during and after the monsoon, between July and October. This paints a very beautiful sight.

#2 Kanger Valley National Park


Get enchanted by rugged mountain views, deep gorges, dancing trees and seasonal wild flowers, as together they make the perfect environment for varied species of Wildlife. Chhattisgarh gives you the rare opportunity to observe wildlife in its natural habitat at the Kanger Valley National Park.

#3 Barsoor


Twin Ganesh of Barsur (Barsoor) is famous for its historical significance. The city Barsur is named after king Banasur, who was great devotee of bhagwan Shiv. It is said that daughters of Banasur, Usha and his minister’s daughter Chitralekha were best friends. They were devotee of Ganesha. So they asked their father to construct temple for them. They created this twin Ganesh Temple of Barsur.

#4 Dantewada


A very ancient town of India, Dantewada had been the capital city of a glorious Kingdom in its golden past.  This town was known as Tarlapal and Dantawali in pre-historical days, mention of which can be found on the stone carvings found in the district.

A splendid temple of Goddess Danteswari tops the list of places of interest, in the town. This temple , which is one among the Shaktipithas of the country, is visited by devotees from different parts of the  country  through out   the  year. Constructed, mainly on the South Indian style of  (temple) architecture, and located at the confluence of the holy rivers Shankini  & Dhankini, this temple gives a pleasant feeling of peace and immense satisfaction to the minds of devotees who visit.

Apart from Danteshwari temple, the temple of Bhairm Baba is also hystorically important place to visit.

#5 Bailadila


Rich with deposits of iron ore, Bailadila Mountain range consists of 14 reserves with 3 under mining. Bacheli and Kirandul are the two industrial zones in this area.

Resembling oxen humps, this range has thus been named Baila Dila housing the top most peak at Akash Nagar. However, permissions must be obtained from NMDC (National Mineral Development Corporation) to visit this mining site. Similarly, 12 kms from Kirandul takes the visitors to Kailash Nagar, yet another peak of Bailadila range famous for deposits of ‘Blue Dust’, the sand like blue colored Iron Ore.


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