13 Things An Indian Man Wants From His Wife

In India, marriage happens to be a very crucial aspect. An Indian man has a lot of expectations from his wife. This society very funnily expects a superwoman in the garb of a wife or a daughter-in -law.

#1 A woman who can cook

cooking woman tomatoheart

As the saying goes- the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This is very relevant for Indian men, and they are always on the look out for women who will be able to cook and feed them well.

#2 Women with curves

Curvy woman tomatoheart

Indian men just adore curves. They always want their wife to possess that perfect curvy figure.

#3 Traditional women

Traditional woman tomatoheart

Indian wives also have to be the traditional bahu of the house. They are expected to be religious and also has to be the aware of the traditional customs of her in-laws

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#4 Getting along with the family

join family tomatoheart

Indian husband wants his wife to get along very well with his family. Especially an Indian wife will become an ideal wife only if she gets along with her mother-in-law.

#5 Has to be modern

modern wife tomatoheart

Indian man also wants his woman to be updated and modern. She should be well aware of the latest fashion trends and follow them without fail.

#6 Indian beauty

Indian wife tomatoheart

Indian women are considered to have a certain charm and beauty about them. So every Indian man wants his wife to be slim,fair and beautiful.

#7 Sense of humor

wife Humor tomatoheart

Husbands want their wives to have a good sense of humor so that she can make him laugh in times of stress.

#8 Love for kids

Love for kids tomatoheart

Indian women are naturally expected to love kids. Their motherly instinct is something that is well renowned throughout the world.

#9 Give him space

husband wife no fight tomatoheart

Every Indian man wants his wife to give him space. She should not nag him when he watches a late night football match. She is expected to happily allow him to go for the night out with his friends.

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#10 Love and affection

Love tomatoheart

On the other hand, Indian man also craves for the love and affection of his wife. He loves being spoiled and pampered by his wife.

#11 Should be energetic

energetic wife tomatoheart

Indian man wants his woman to be energetic and hardworking.

#12 Dynamic in bed

Indian wives

Indian man also wants his wife to be creative and energetic in bed. She should possess every skill to please and satisfy her husband.

#13 A wife with multiple hands

Multiple hands wife tomatoheart

Indian wives are somehow expected to have multiple hands so that they can manage every aspect of their life, work and household with equal competence

So Indian girls who are looking forward to getting married start preparing yourselves for this new challenge.

Though you also have another option. You can protest against these atrocious expectations and make this society realize that wives are also normal human beings and not some multi-talented machines.


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