66 Things Only Engineering Students Will Understand!

Engineers make for a different species altogether. If 3 Idiots didn’t teach you that, go and watch that movie again. Here are things only an engineering student will understand.

#1. Transformers are not exactly what they show in sci-fi movies. No, really.
#2. You can never judge a laptop with its colour.
#3. Pink laptop never helps. Enough said.
#4. Girls in Mechanical and Civil Department are like 404 errors. They are not & never found.


#5. You’re an engineer if your life is as non-existent as a light ray in a dark hole.
#6. Your grades sink at the rate of sinking of the Titanic.
#7. You love to build things.
#8. And destroy them later.
#9. The last time you slept properly was in the 19th century.

Cat-Sleeping (1)
#10. Home is where the Wi-Fi is.
#11. You don’t need 2 kg make-up as long as you’ve Photoshop.


#12. You can call a girl tanC/sinC = (SEXY!) out loud in public. Trigonometry, take a bow!
#13. Engineering and a lovey-dovey relationship can never be on the same page.
#14. Not in this universe, at least.

#15. You believe in time travel.
#16. And Higgs Boson’s theory.
#17. And aliens.
#18. And zombies.
#19. You can’t just get out of the vicious circle of ATKTs and backlogs.
#20. Your grades depend on the mood of the paper checker
#21. Or his stomach, to be precise.
#22. You don’t want to mess with an Engineer on his submission day.
#23. Or his Exam Day.

#24. Exam preparations start on the same day. Kal kab aayega? 
#25. Engineering Graphics, thou art a heartless bitch!
#26. The only way to get your machine started is to hit it.
#27. Or turn it upside down.
#28. What good is an Engineering Degree if you can’t fix kitchen appliances?
#29. Engineers can neither be created nor destroyed. They just get transferred from one hell to another.


#30. There’s always a nerd who has to ruin your mass bunking plan.
#31. To hell with college attendance, all that matters to us is canteen attendance.
#32. You can go without sleeping for two days straight.
#33. Same goes with the bath. No wonder deodorant is a life-saver!
#34. Sunday is a myth.
#35. Alpha, beta, and gamma are the three villains of our life.
#36. Mathematics should really get over his X. She has moved on. Period.
#37. Vivas are funny.
#38. Re-vivas are not. Re-vivas are horrifying.

#39. You’re an introvert.
#40. You are likely to have searched “How to socialise” on YouTube or Google.
#41. You’re often referred to as marriage-material.
#42. Free Food and Free Wi-Fi can practically make us do anything.

#43. You have learnt the art of communicating via telepathy.
#44. Last benches are always reserved.
#45. You’re so scared of exams that you try to bribe the lords to save you from failing.
#46. Bhagwan! Iss baar pass karva do pleaj
#47. But you eventually manage to fail even with the grace marks!
#48. You have, at least for once, tried to make your own Iron Man suit.
#49. And Sonic Death Ray.
#50. And Power-Puff girls. (Yeah, like that professor, you know!)
#51. And what not!
#52. “I’ve completed my syllabus,” said no Engineer ever.
#53. Not unless he’s drunk. Okay maybe not even then.
#54. You and Fashion reside in completely different hemispheres.
#55. Your handwriting can give tough competition to that of a doctor.

#56. That person who said “Engineering me bohot scope hai” is still in your Black list.
#57. That Xerox-machine owner on your college campus is now the richest man on planet.
#58. Your brain is so used up that you have considered selling it on OLX.
#59. With no return policy, though.

#60. Life is but a dream. And losing your Hall Ticket is a nightmare.
#61. Friend just topped; Party.
#62. Friend got placed; Party.
#63. Friend just got committed; Party.
#64. Friend got dumped? Someone just throw him a cheer-up party already!


#65. Your status on Facebook? Forever Alone.
#66. Are you a guy and a nerd? Be prepared to be bhai-zoned, buddy!


Are you an engineer? Did we miss a point? Tell us in the comments below!


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  1. Tune Up Success · March 16, 2017

    Really interesting. Enjoy the reading. Thanks.

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